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CBD After Surgery Helps Decrease Opioid Use

Did you know that prescribed opioids are responsible for over 14,000 deaths each year?

Millions of people across the US undergo orthopedic surgery every year. To aid in their recovery, these individuals are prescribed opioids to help manage their post-operative pain. While this is necessary to aid in their recovery, nearly 30% of those prescribed opioids have been shown to misuse or abuse this medication.

A new study, led by NYU Grossman School of Medicine, found that orally-absorbed CBD (cannabidiol) safely managed pain after orthopedic surgery, without producing any of the negative side effects associated with prescription opioids.

This, along with many other clinical studies, shows that CBD could be a new, inexpensive approach to delivering pain relief – all without the side effects of anti-inflammatory drugs like NSAIDS, or the addiction risks linked to opiates. Not only that, CBD offers these benefits all without the psychotropic effects associated with THC, the chemical component that causes the “high” of marijuana.

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is actually naturally produced by the human body. This chemical, which is found in the body’s nervous system, produces various effects on appetite, mood, and pain sensation. It also helps decrease the body’s inflammatory response, making it a powerful tool in the fight against arthritis.

While this is very promising for our patients, it is important to note that quality can vary widely between one CBD product to another. Before purchasing a CBD product, make sure to find out if the manufacturer is a trusted source. One such source is Happy Buddha Hemp, a company our providers firmly believe in. Learn more about their products here.

If you think CBD is the right product for you, we encourage you to call us at 703.444.5000 or click here to request an appointment with one of the physicians at Arthritis & Sports. To stay up-to-date on the latest news and tips from us, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and sign up for our monthly newsletter for even more information sent straight to your inbox!



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