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Arthritis & Sports is home to one of the area's largest outpatient therapy clinic, with some of the best physical therapists and hand therapists in the region

Thank you for choosing Arthritis & Sports | Physical & Occupational Hand Therapy. Our team is committed to continual, quality and exceptional care. Our physical therapy clinics in Sterling, VA and South Riding, VA offer a high degree of expertise in orthopaedic physical therapy and patient service. Our Sterling clinic also hosts our occupational hand therapists, who have received extensive training in the rehabilitation of conditions affecting the upper extremity.


Our rehabilitation team focuses on restoring each patient’s optimal physical potential. Furthermore, they help patients maintain their health by educating them to prevent injuries and promoting wellness. Our final goal is to keep our patients continually performing at their highest level of activity. Our team of therapists provides a closely monitored program from start to recovery. They persistently track each patient’s progress, communicating and coordinating with their doctor along the way.

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Our devoted therapists specialize in an extensive range of conditions including post-surgical rehabilitation, arthritis, and tendinitis. In order to effectively treat our patients, our therapists use various modalities including various hands-on and tool-assisted manual therapy techniques to improve results. 

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