Arthritis & Sports helps kick off "Injury Prevention Week"

Sunday was a beautiful day to participate in the kickoff to Old Dominion Football Club’s “Injury Prevention Week.” Cesena USA, ODFC’s WPSL team, is the only US based affiliate to A.C. Cesena in Italy, working closely with local youth clubs implementing documented methods of training. Cesena played against Buxmont Torch, who came into Sunday’s game undefeated. Despite temperatures on the field reaching 110 degrees, Cesena’s loyal fans were out there to cheer their team on to a 1-1 draw.

As the kickoff to ODFC’s “Injury Prevent Week”, Dr. David Goodwin and Courtney Youst, DPT, were by the field to represent Arthritis & Sports, answering questions about how parents and athletes could keep themselves performing at the highest level all season long. While Dr. Goodwin was chatting with parents on how to correctly respond to injuries, our physical therapist Courtney was providing tests to assess athlete’s potential for ACL injuries.

Special thanks goes out to Andy Vera, ODFC’s technical director, for all of his help in setting up this event, and to everyone that stopped by our tent throughout the game. While ODFC is proud of their club and the wonderful families that support them constantly, Arthritis & Sports is proud of ODFC for their commitment to their athletes and for the educational environment that they provide. Forza Cesena USA!

Photos courtesy of Cesena USA

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