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Vincent Kelly

Anterior Total Hip Replacement

Dear Doctor Peyton,

I wanted to give you an update on my status as I approach the one-year anniversary of my total left hip replacement. You performed the surgery for me on September of 2015, with Edwin Encarnacion as your Physician Assistant. Please feel free to share this with him as I am appreciative to both of you!

In short, the surgery was a life-changing event. I had been struggling with pain, putting on my shoes, sleeping, and being a grouchy old CEO, husband, and father. I could not do many of the things I love to do and I struggled to keep up last August on my annual father-daughter hiking trip to Ireland around the Ring of Kerry.

Your advice was spot on. Your experience convinced me your approach, prosthesis recommendation (versus my initial desire for ceramic) and out-patient procedure was the right path. I had interviewed multiple surgeons and I remember my wife telling me after we met you, that you were the surgeon for us. We have sent you multiple references since then. I walked up the steps in my home the day of the surgery and was off the pain medicine in three days. I still can’t believe how well this has gone.

Since the surgery I have been able to sleep and get back to the things I love. I am on track to cycle on my road bike over 5,000 miles this year. I have already completed five centuries (100 miles in one-day rides), including Mountain Mama in early August this year in Monterey, VA, which also required over 10,000 feet of climbing (elevation change). I hiked with my daughter on our annual trip this year all over Iceland and frankly I left ALL of the young folks, including our guides, in the dust on many mountain stages of the hike.

I realize this may not last forever. I am a very active 57-year-old and I plan to keep on pushing the non-impact and cardio aspect of my exercise. I am just a better person as a result. I am very appreciative of what you did for me. My one-year checkup is coming up in September – I hope you guys will like what you see.

Best regards,

Vince Kelly

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