MLS laser therapy, laser therapy, noninvasive treatments, nonsurgical treatments, pain relief, acute pain relief, chronic pain relief, surgery recovery, how to speed recovery

MLS Laser Therapy

MLS Laser Therapy is a painless, safe, affordable, FDA-cleared treatment option for a wide variety of conditions


If you suffer from chronic pain, inflammation or arthritis or have experienced a recent injury, don't put your life on hold to recover. Arthritis & Sports is here to help you return to the life you love, FASTER, with MLS Laser Therapy.


Laser therapy is a revolutionary advancement in the world of medical technology. Our MLS Therapy Laser accelerates your body's natural healing process to assist treatment of pain, inflammation, and arthritis.


MLS Laser Therapy is FDA-cleared, painless, safe, affordable, and has no known side effects. 

Effective as an alternative to surgery or primary treatment option for a wide variety of conditions, laser therapy has provided relief to thousands from chronic and acute pain. If surgery is necessary, MLS Laser Therapy also works great post-operatively to relieve pain and recover faster after surgery!

MLS laser therapy, laser therapy, noninvasive treatments, nonsurgical treatments, pain relief, acute pain relief, chronic pain relief, surgery recovery, how to speed recovery
MLS laser therapy, laser therapy, noninvasive treatments, nonsurgical treatments, pain relief, acute pain relief, chronic pain relief, surgery recovery, how to speed recovery
MLS laser therapy, laser therapy, noninvasive treatments, nonsurgical treatments, pain relief, acute pain relief, chronic pain relief, surgery recovery, how to speed recovery
MLS laser therapy, laser therapy, noninvasive treatments, nonsurgical treatments, pain relief, acute pain relief, chronic pain relief, surgery recovery, how to speed recovery

Don't walk – run – and get MLS Laser Therapy!

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Sometimes surgery is your only choice.

Other times you have options! 

Arthritis & Sports is here to help you
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Laser therapy techniques have been in use for decades, and thousands of scientific publications have tested and proven the effectiveness of this safe, painless technique. Today, MLS Laser Therapy is used as an alternative to more invasive procedures and is proven to reduce swelling, relieve pain and improve healing.

MLS laser therapy is a painless, drug-less, noninvasive way to help patients recover from painful and costly injuries. Laser therapy is an effective alternative to other treatments, especially when the patient is in too much pain to tolerate other traditional methods of treatment following an injury caused by accident, stress or physical activities.

Benefits of MLS Laser Therapy


Get Better Faster — MLS Therapy technology is one of the most advanced laser systems available, and is proven to offer effective relief for a comprehensive range of musculoskeletal disorders and orthopaedic conditions.


  • Short, fast-acting treatment sessions

  • Rapid relief from pain and inflammation

  • Accelerated rehabilitation and tissue regeneration

  • Improved circulation

  • Accelerated healing of superficial wounds

  • No known side effects

MLS laser therapy, laser therapy, noninvasive treatments, nonsurgical treatments, pain relief, acute pain relief, chronic pain relief, surgery recovery, how to speed recovery

Frequently Asked Questions About MLS Laser Therapy

Why choose MLS Laser Therapy?

Looking for pain relief that does not require the use of drugs or surgery, is quick and convenient, and has no known side effects? Well, you are in luck! MLS Laser Therapy can speed up the process of relieving inflammation and pain associated with many conditions, including arthritis. According to studies performed by top academic institutions, including Harvard Medical School, laser therapy is equal to or more effective than other forms of therapy.

What are the benefits of MLS Laser Therapy?

MLS Laser Therapy provides many benefits to our patients:

  • Noninvasive
  • Rapid pain relief
  • Decreases inflammation and swelling
  • Faster wound healing
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Accelerates tissue repair
  • No adverse side effects
  • Helps patient avoid surgery

Does laser therapy hurt?

No, the laser therapy does not hurt. The MLS Laser was designed to treat conditions without an excessive thermal effect, often felt as heat. Most people report that they feel little to nothing during their treatments - laser treatment is so relaxing that some people even fall asleep! Occasionally, you may feel a slight warming sensation at the treatment site, which is normal and is an indication that the inflammation is being relieved and that your body is responding properly.

How long does a typical laser session take?

A single treatment session takes less than 15 minutes and is completely painless. The time of your treatments is determined on an individual basis and will vary based on the condition and the size of the area being treated.

How many laser treatments will I need?

The number of treatments prescribed depends on the nature of the condition being treated. Laser therapy is administered in multiple treatment sessions over several weeks:

  • 6 sessions over the course of 2-3 weeks for acute conditions, such as: acute neck or back pain, acute joint pain, sprains and strains, and post-operative pain

  • 12 sessions over the course of 6 weeks for chronic conditions, such as: tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, chronic muscle strains, neuropathy, and slow wound healing

How long before results are felt?

You may feel improvement to your condition after 1 to 3 treatments. Many patients report feeling immediate relief after their first treatment! The effects of the treatments are cumulative, so you should expect to see improvements as you proceed through the treatment plan.

For more chronic conditions, it may take up to 6 visits to feel the benefits of laser therapy. Once you begin treatment, it is important to complete the course of treatment or symptoms are likely to re-occur.

Are the results from MLS Laser Therapy long lasting?

MLS Laser Therapy is about healing. With MLS Laser Therapy, we are not masking or covering up a condition, but rather, treating the root of your pain and inflammation. Because of this, many patients have seen long-term results.

Most patients do not need additional treatments, but some conditions, like arthritis, are degenerative. The great thing about laser therapy for arthritic patients is that once they feel better, they can be more active – helping minimize the long term effects of arthritis. Some patients prefer an occasional treatment every 4-6 weeks over the course of the year to hold the inflammation at bay and keep the arthritic pain in check.

Can laser therapy be used in conjunction with other forms of treatment?

Yes! MLS Laser Therapy is more effective when combined with other forms of therapy, including physical therapy, massage, soft tissue mobilization, and electrotherapy.

MLS Laser Therapy can be a great source of relief for patients trying to avoid more invasive procedures, or for those afraid of needles! However, treatment can not occur on an area injected with steroids for 2-3 weeks.

I already had surgery. Can MLS Laser Therapy still help me?

Many patients are able to delay or cancel their surgery thanks to MLS Laser Therapy. If surgery is your only option, MLS Laser Therapy can be used immediately after surgery to help reduce post-operative pain and inflammation. With less pain and inflammation, you'll need less recovery time and will be back to normal activity much faster.

How does laser therapy work?

Laser therapy uses light to stimulate and accelerate the body’s natural healing processes. The laser beam is moved over the skin so that the light energy (photons) penetrates the tissue where it interacts with various molecules that cause different biological effects. This reduces pain in the area and speeds recovery of damaged cells. Light energy helps heal injuries and decrease pain by:

  • Stimulating cells to remove toxins
  • Allowing oxygen and food loads into the cell
  • Blocking pain signals in the brain and releasing endorphins and encephalin (natural painkillers)
  • Increasing the production and growth of cells, bringing blood flow into the area and accelerating the healing process
  • Jumpstarting the body’s own healing process by stimulating the mitochondria in the cells

Do I need to do anything before my treatment session?

We encourage you to fill out the patient registration form prior to you visit (you can find it here).

We want you to be as comfortable as possible during your painless treatment session, so it's helpful to follow these tips:

  • We encourage you to wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing to your treatment. The treatment area will need to be exposed to the laser during the treatment, so a gown or shorts will be provided to you if needed.

  • While you will need to be still while the laser is active, we recommend bringing a book or magazine to your treatment session.

  • Please avoid using any topical creams, lotions, or analgesic balms before or immediately after your treatment.

  • You will be asked to remove jewelry or any shiny objects (watches, bracelets, chains, etc.) at or around the treatment area.

  • We will supply you with approved safety glasses to protect your eyes during your treatment (unless you are positioned facing away from the laser light).

Patient Testimonials

Total Knee Replacement

"I already told one of my friends, 'Don't walk, but run and get MLS Laser Therapy.' If anyone has anything broken or sprained, or has a scar from surgery, this should be included in your treatment regimen for faster healing. It got me back to my normal activities of daily living with less pain. My scar after joint replacement healed so much quicker than after I had my ACL done 13 years ago." - Paula L.

Elbow Surgery

"I used MLS Laser Therapy earlier this year when I had the plate still in after elbow surgery and got a lot of relief from the laser then, so I wanted to do it again after the plate came out. Loved the way it felt after my second set of sessions this time. By the end of my sessions, it really started to feel more like my normal self with movement and relief from the pain. I am a hair stylist and need my arms and hands for work. Highly recommend!" - Sherry L.

Meniscus Tear

"Each time I came in I saw improvements. The tech listened to my pain comments and adjusted where to focus on. I saw a big reduction my last visit - now I can do steps without pain!" - Susan C.

Frozen Shoulder

"So thrilled that my frozen shoulder is gone so quickly. Even though I felt nothing during treatments, it actually eliminated the pain." - Cheska S.