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Imagine being able to walk HOURS, not days, after knee replacement surgery. This is a reality at Reston Hospital Center thanks to their Joint Services Program.

"Our goal is to get people back to walking; being able to return to all their activities as soon as possible," says Randall Peyton, MD. This quick turnaround time is possible thanks to the advanced technology used at Reston Hospital Center. Being able to take images prior to any surgery allows the staff to take exact measurements, so all implants are customized. Advancements in physical therapy have also drastically cut down on recovery time.

Physical therapy starts immediately after surgery. Patients often take their first steps only hours after receiving a joint replacement. The therapists work closely with the nurses and the physicians to ensure pain is managed well. Daily activities such as climbing stairs, getting in and out of cars, and dressing are practiced so patients feel comfortable leaving.

Managing pain is not the only concern for the medical team at Reston Hospital. The staff makes sure patients are at ease by offering a class before the joint replacement surgery is scheduled. Patients' family members are invited to sit in, and learn what to expect. An open visitation policy after surgery ensures everyone is comfortable.

Often times a person's life is drastically changed after a joint replacement. But with the program at Reston Hospital, patients get back to their normal routine quickly. "Our goal is to manage the patients' pain, and get them home safely so they can resume all their activities," says Orthopedic Program Coordinator Meredith Draisey. Those running shoes and golf clubs will be put to use before you know it.

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