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Heritage Farm Museum in Sterling, Virginia: A Magical Place For the Family

The Heritage Farm Museum in Sterling, Virginia, is a magical place for the family. The museum has two sections: Heritage Farm and The Hall of History. When you visit, you will see how lifelike animals roam the fields and grassy hillsides on this working farm. You can also enjoy learning about our country's history through interactive exhibits at The Hall of History. There are many different activities to do here with your family. Learn more here.

This museum has many different exhibits and activities that children will love. The Heritage Farm Museum offers hands-on exhibits and programs where families can learn all about farming and agriculture through play. There are also opportunities to purchase fresh produce grown right on the farm.! Children can get involved through a variety of activities such as harvesting, animal feeding, and even offering hay to the farm animals. Learn more about The Beautiful Algonkian Regional Park in Sterling, Virginia.

The Hall of History has many different exhibits that will teach you about our country's history from early colonial times to the present day. You can also see displays featuring Native Americans who lived in this area long before settlers came here. Children love watching how things work back then and often get inspired enough to start their garden or even cook some of the recipes they learned at Heritage Farm Museum in Sterling! Camping out underneath the stars next to a campfire also makes it special, so remember your marshmallows! Visitors will enjoy taking pictures with friendly mascot Herky, too - he loves posing for selfies! If you are looking for places to take the kids to Sterling, Virginia Heritage Farm Museum is a great option.

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