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Welcome Our Newest Provider, Dr. Underwood!

We are excited to announce that Arthritis & Sports will be welcoming Dr. J. Austin Underwood on August 1, 2022!

Dr. J. Austin Underwood has joined Arthritis & Sports Orthopaedics, and looks forward to serving patients in both our Sterling and South Riding practice locations beginning August 1st. Dr. Underwood is the latest specialist to join our team of board-certified orthopaedic and podiatric physicians, and is committed to providing the same level of care our team is known for. He truly exemplifies our practice’s motto: Patients First.

Dr. Underwood specializes in sports medicine, nerve testing, and rehabilitation medicine. Specific conditions which Dr. Underwood treats include (but are not limited to) acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries, joint pain, tendonitis, sacroiliac disorders, back pain, sciatica, spine arthritis, disc disease, and nerve injuries. To treat these, he utilizes a range of specialized procedures that are performed in-house, employing x-ray and ultrasound guidance for pin-point accuracy.

“Whether you are an elite athlete or want to improve your everyday function, your goals become my goals," says Dr. Underwood. "Together, we will work as a team to achieve them.”

Here at Arthritis & Sports, Dr. Underwood’s interventional procedures offer additional non-surgical options to our patients. His diagnostic testing will help patients to determine the severity of injuries and identify conditions which may be contributing to their pain.

Dr. Underwood’s main areas of clinical expertise include:
  • Joint Injections

  • Therapeutic and Diagnostic Nerve Blocks

  • Ultrasound and Fluoroscopic Guided

  • Procedures

  • Prolotherapy

  • Tenotomy

  • Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections

  • Trigger Point Injections

  • Epidural Steroid Injections

  • Lumbar Facet Injections

  • Regenerative Medicine

  • Diagnostic Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

  • Electromyography / Nerve Conduction Studies


Sidelined by a sports injury or orthopaedic condition? Our award-winning fellowship-trained providers are here to help you return to your active life! We invite you to call us at 703.444.5000 or click here to request an appointment with one of the physicians at Arthritis & Sports. To stay up-to-date on the latest news and tips from us, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and sign up for our monthly newsletter!


Arthritis & Sports is the premier orthopaedics practice in Northern Virginia. Our team of specialty-trained physicians offers the latest treatment options for the full spectrum of orthopaedic sub-specialties - all under one roof.


From nonsurgical treatments like orthobiologics and physical therapy, to massage therapy and  nutrition counseling, we are dedicated to providing you with exceptional care from injury through rehabilitation.

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