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Patient Stories

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Russell Ray

Total Knee Replacement

Russel Ray is a 76 year old, active retiree. He enjoys exploring the world and the great outdoors. Some of his favorite activities include, shooting trap, skeet shooting, golf, and walking his two beloved dogs, Lucy (named after the Peanuts character) and Blackjack (named after a famous bank robber).

The only thing holding Russ back from enjoying the activities he loved was his knee pain. Russ consulted his orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Randall Peyton. Why did he choose Dr. Peyton for his treatment? He received the highest referral there was from his wife, Aubrey, who previously had knee surgery performed by Dr. Peyton.

Living with Osteoarthritis, Russ had tried non-surgical treatment to relieve the pain from arthritis including cortisone and hyaluronic acid injections, but his knee pain continually worsened and surgery became his best option to uphold his active lifestyle.

How has Russ’ life changed after his knee replacement surgery? Well, he still enjoys the sports he loves, but without the troublesome knee pain. “My career has taken us to many international places and now it’s time to visit more of our own country. I can now do this with ease, and my knees don’t bother me while driving or sitting in cramped airline seats, like they did before.”

How has his golf game improved? Well three months after his surgery, he made his first hole-in-one! Lucy and Blackjack are happier now as well. Russ comments, “They were quite impatient with me because of my bad knee.” Russ and his wife are now looking forward to their upcoming trip to hike Acadia National Park in Maine.

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