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Patient Stories

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Joseph Neiberger

ACL Reconstruction

During the first two minutes of a recreational soccer game, Joseph Neiberger made a quick turn, heard a snap in his knee, and fell to the ground. He had just torn his ACL.

This injury could be detrimental to any one, but for Joseph Neiberger it was life altering. As a firefighter, his job requires him to not only stay alert, but also active and fit. “As a Lieutenant of the Manassas Park Fire and Rescue, I am responsible for the safety of my shift personnel and management of emergency responses both fire and medical calls,” Joseph says. His life and many others lives depend on his ability to move quickly and swiftly.

“I knew that the extent of this injury could possibly jeopardize my career and significantly change my life” Joseph comments.

Dr. Griffith’s reputation in the community led Joseph to Arthritis & Sports. After Joseph's initial evaluation he learned his best option for recovery from his ACL injury was surgery.

Dr. Randall Peyton comments, “Physical Therapy will help to strengthen and stabilize, but due to increased risk of arthritis we recommend reconstructing the ACL in active individuals regardless of age.”

Dr. Griffith evaluated Joseph in the office and determined that he was a good candidate for ACL reconstruction. According to Dr. Griffith, “Joseph had a serious knee injury with significant instability. By reconstructing his ACL, we were able to stabilize his knee and allow him to regain good function.”

Stephanie Modzelesky, PA-C comments further, “A torn ACL has a reputation for being career threatening, but with today's medicine it doesn't have to be. We are able to surgically reconstruct the ACL to allow our patients to live their lives and do the things they want to do whether they’re an athlete, fireman, mechanic, local school janitor, or a postman.”

Joseph remarks, “From my initial appointment to my last follow-up visit, working with Dr. Griffith and Stephanie has been great. They were frank, but understanding, helping me to rehabilitate sensibly and correctly.”

After surgery, Joseph was eager to start physical therapy. He had only one goal in mind, returning to his vocation.

Joseph knew his recovery wouldn't be easy. “I had a goal and that was to get back to work. I understood that this would not be a fast rehabilitation. You helped me remain focused on the day-to-day accomplishments. I never lost sight of that point of view and therefore was flabbergasted this past Wednesday when I was told that I no longer needed to attend physical therapy.”

On August 14, Joseph returned to his rigorous work schedule at Manassas Park Fire and Rescue, working 24 hour shifts every three days. He is proud to report his knee is feeling “good and stable.”

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