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John Mileo

Misaligned Knee Implant Revision

One of the consequences of behind an avid runner is that you participate in this activity to an excessive degree; you are surely going to wind up with knee problems. Such is my case!

My “extreme running days” encompassed a weekly average of just under 100 miles, two marathons, a good number of half-marathons, and countless 10Ks and 5Ks, over a ten-year period which began when I turned the age of 41.

As a result of this obsession, I wound up undergoing several arthroscopic procedures to address torn meniscuses and then underwent my first total knee replacement (TKR) on my left leg in 2004. This was followed by another TKR procedure performed by the same surgeon who had done my first one, now on my right leg.

Having my first TKR as a “bench mark,” I was unhappy with the fact that the latest surgery was not coming along as well as the former one. Finally, after almost two years of complaining, my doctor did a revision, under the (incorrect) belief that my pain was emanating from the knee cap. Well, I’m sad to say that he was wrong, for my pain only worsened; I could not sit for an extended period of time without intense pain, and getting up from a seated position proved even more painful, causing me to obtain assistance to complete this maneuver.

It turns out that, fortunately for me, my former surgeon happened to retire from his practice during this second post-surgery period. This led me to seek a new orthopedic surgeon. After hearing the success stories and words of praise from many of my friends and colleagues, I selected Dr. Randall Peyton as my new orthopedic surgeon.

I was immediately impressed with Dr. Peyton who, without having to study the medical records on my left TKR, knew what the cause of my pain was – a misalignment of the implant. He informed me that he would have to replace the existing implant with a new one, and while that would address my current problem, it was highly likely that my knee would never come back to 100% due to the fact that this would be the third major surgery on that very knee within four years.

I needed to postpone the procedure until August of 2015, but all went exceedingly well under the skillful hands of my new surgeon. As he had told me prior to surgery, I still have some minor aches and pains, but I am still very happy with the outcome.

During the years’ time that has just passed since my operation, I have had a number of visits to the practice. Whomever I was seen by for my post-surgery follow-ups, whether it be Dr. Peyton or one of his physician assistants, I always received the highest level of care and treatment which was coupled with concern for and respect to the patient…me!

Since my surgery, I have received care from several others at Arthritis & Sports, including Dr. Daniel Sheehan, who successfully addressed my lower back pain, and Lisa Siddall, NP. After a diligent physical examination of my knees and use of x-rays, Lisa was able to determine that an extremely painful attack to both of my knees was gout-related. Thankfully, the medicine she prescribed remedied the problem within just 24 hours!

As a matter of fact, I wish to extend “mega-kudos” to each and every staff member I met, including the front desk staff as well as those who are responsible for scheduling surgery. In all my years of dealing with medical professionals, I have never come upon a practice as fine-tuned, so to speak, as Arthritis & Sports.

I truly cannot say enough positive things about this practice, other than to state that on a scale of one to ten, I would rate Arthritis & Sports as a twenty! I am so very grateful for the excellent care I have received from all those who have seen me. And if I even need another orthopedic operation, I have already told Dr. Peyton that no one but he will ever perform such an operation!

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