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Arthritis & Sports is a Orthopaedics in Brambleton VA. What Is A Sports Medicine Physician? When you hear the phrase "sports medicine physician," what enters mind? Many people might think that sports medicine physicians treat only athletes on the field. But that's actually not the case! It's true that it's highly advantageous for athletes due to their distinct needs. But a sports medicine physician can also treat children and adolescents who engage in sports and adults who engage in daily exercises.

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Want to know more about what a sports medicine physician does? Keep reading to learn how they can help you recover from sports-related injuries or conditions, prevent injuries, and increase your level of fitness! What is sports medicine? Sports medicine is a field of medicine that focuses on treating, rehabilitating, and preventing injuries related to sports or physical activity. It is also referred to as "sports and exercise medicine" or SEM. This medical field uses principles from different branches of medicine, such as:

  • Sports science

  • Internal medicine

  • Emergency medicine

  • Orthopaedics

  • Biomechanics

  • Nutrition

What does a sports medicine physician do? A sports medicine physician offers specialized care for athletes and active individuals. Their practice is involved in treating injuries and conditions which affect the parts of the musculoskeletal system: the bones, tendons, ligaments, and muscles. They have an exhaustive knowledge of how sports and physical activity can make an impact on a person's body. With this, they can help athletes recover from injuries faster and return to their sport safely. Their role also involves helping patients find out how to decrease the risk of injury.

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A sports medicine physician will:

  • Diagnose and treat a patient's injury or illness

  • Create a personalized treatment plan for each patient's diagnosis

  • Monitor a patient's progress in their treatment

  • Use the proper techniques to help restore function to an injured area

  • Offer advice on how to prevent injuries and re-injuries to a particular area

  • Reduce time spent away from the sport

  • Help athletes make "return to play" decisions

  • Help athletes enhance their performance level

  • Help athletes detect and work on areas of weakness

  • Treat conditions that can influence how a patient performs

  • Recommend ways to enhance a patient's training regimen

  • Work with coaches, nutritional experts, physical therapists, and other specialists to offer more guidance and support

What injuries or conditions does a sports medicine physician treat? Athletes and active people can get sports injuries at any level of fitness or difficulty of training. A sports medicine physician is qualified to treat a vast range of injuries caused by overuse or trauma, including:

  • Fractures

  • Sprains

  • Dislocated joints

  • Tendonitis (or swelling of a tendon from an injury).

  • Head injuries.

  • Cartilage injuries.

Orthopedics In Brambleton, Virginia

When should I consult with a sports medicine physician? Whether you're a professional athlete, an individual who loves to stay active or engage in sports, or a beginner on a basic exercise regimen, you can see a sports medicine physician. They will treat your injury and give you pointers on how to attain your performance goals. Here are the most common reasons to meet with a sports medicine physician. You sustained an injury from sports or physical activity.

It's critical to get your injury treated as soon as possible by a specialist so you can recover swiftly and efficiently. Your physician will decide how to treat and manage your injury, whether through physical therapy or surgery. They will also help you get appropriately rehabilitated so you can get back to your sport in the shortest time possible. Below are the two types of sports injuries : Acute injury.

  • Occurs quickly upon sudden impact or trauma.

  • Includes sprains and strains, fractures, broken bones, head injuries, and others.

  • Symptoms include:.

  • Intense pain.

  • Loss of range of motion.

  • Visible joint dislocation.

  • Swelling.

  • Headaches.

  • Tenderness in the injured area.

  • Weakness.

Brambleton, Virginia

Brambleton is a census-designated place (CDP) in Loudoun County, Virginia, United States, south of the Dulles Greenway. The population as of the 2010 United States Census was 9,845. Brambleton, Virginia coordinates 38°58′55″N 77°32′19″W.

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