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Glen Miller

Partial Knee Replacement

As a life member of the Middle Atlantic Professional Golfers Association (PGA) and former owner of the Fort Washington Golf Range in Maryland, golf pro Glen Miller spends his time competing in 30 to 40 tournaments per year and helping fellow golfers refine their golf skills. “My favorite part about being a golf pro is helping other golfers, from novice to seasoned veterans, improve their game," says Glen. "Whether learning a new skill, or refining their form or stroke, I love seeing them take on a new appreciation for golf and hopefully leaving with a smile (and a lower score).”


Being an active golfer, Glen depends on his body from his first drive on the fairway to his last put on the green. Unfortunately for him, what began as a slight pain in his left knee progressed into a noticeable pain, making it difficult to perform his daily activities, including golf.


Golf is a game of meticulous form and precision and Glen’s knee pain began to thoroughly affect his game. He could no longer compete in all tournaments, unable to carry his golf bag and walk the full golf course. Glen continually worried he would swing too hard, generating even more knee pain. Glen’s dedication to return to the full swing of things, along with his persistent pain led him to seek medical advice.


As a professional athlete, Glen desired the same for his medical care, a pro. Recognized as a top orthopedic surgeon practice in Northern Virginia, Glen confidently chose Dr. Randall Peyton at Arthritis & Sports Orthopaedics & Physical Therapy to care for his knee.


Here, he learned his recurrent left knee pain was caused by a meniscus tear and osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is one of the number one causes of knee pain and loss of knee function. After first trying conservative treatment and physical therapy, in November 2006, Glen proceeded with partial knee replacement surgery. Known for his expertise in joint replacement surgery, having performed over 3,000 knee replacements, Glen knew Dr. Peyton would deliver hole-in-one patient care. 


To his surprise, one month after surgery, he was back to hitting balls and playing four 18-hole rounds of golf. In March, he was able to compete in his first tournament since surgery. Glen started playing golf his junior year of high school and now after 40 years, he’s still playing the game he loves thanks to his new knee from Dr. Peyton.