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George Cantrell

Right Toe Fusion


Over the early part of the summer, George began feeling pain in the top of his foot and toes while playing golf and the occasional ice hockey game. As time progressed and the golf season began to wane, the pain and swelling progressed to an unbearable level.

This pain led him to visit a physician. His current orthopaedic practitioner happened to be on vacation and a close friend recommended Dr. Sam Wilson. Conveniently living near Arthritis & Sports Orthopaedics, George decided to visit Dr. Sam Wilson. George comments on his experience, “From the moment I called to make the appointment, to the time I progressed through the post- op visits and recovery, I had nothing less than a wonderful experience….That is tough to say about doctor visits and surgery!”

George was a regular at orthopaedic offices, having 14 orthopaedic surgeries and procedures, and thought he understood the treatment process, but after visiting Arthritis & Sport Orthopaedics his expectations were changed.

George comments, “My experience with Dr. Wilson and his staff was absolutely incredible. The day of my surgery came and the total experience at the Reston Surgery Center was amazing. The staff, the environment, and the experience was unlike any other I had before. After surgery, there was an immediate follow up phone call. Then, a couple of days later, something truly unexpected arrived in the mail; a signed get-well card from the various members of the staff. What a great feeling!”

George’s story doesn’t stop there, “I have now visited Dr. Wilson’s office on several occasions and I’m still impressed I’m seen on time, every time. This is unheard of in this day and age. As someone who has been, and continues to be an active person, Dr. Wilson and his staff have not only been concerned about the healing process, but truly care about expediting my return to the activities that I enjoy. All I can say is, thank you!”