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Tracey Barrows

Heel Fracture and Reconstruction

Tracey Barrows was on her way to work, dark and early, on the morning of December 10th, when a car unexpectedly pulled out in front of her resulting in a head-on collision. Her right foot was crushed in the accident and required reconstructive surgery.
Dr. Sam Wilson, Jr., Foot and Ankle Specialist at Arthritis & Sports, was the “on call” physician at Reston Hospital at the time of the accident. Dr. Wilson examined Tracey’s foot and scheduled her for surgery two weeks later. In order for Dr. Wilson to perform surgery, the swelling in Tracey’s foot had to first significantly decrease. According to Dr. Wilson, “Tracey had a very serious heal (calcaneus) fracture and underwent a 3-hour surgery to reconstruct her heel using multiple screws and titanium plates.”


After surgery Tracey started physical therapy and began the rehabilitation process. Tentative at first, she was nervous to have any one even touch her foot, but she was dedicated to working hard and continually improving. Tracey describes her experience, “Physical therapy started out really rough but with the help of the therapists, my husband, and my assorted Mom’s, I progressed from being unable to have someone gently brush my foot to being able to walk again! It took a fair amount of time (February – August) and there were weeks we went five days a week to work on my foot.”
Tracey was determined to reach her goal of walking and with the encouragement of family and our physical therapy and orthopaedic staff, she’s now doing just that. Tracey comments, “I worked primarily with Physical Therapists, Aischa Bautista and Tatiana Valentine. They were all a lot of fun and let my husband help out too, so that he didn’t get bored. I can still hear Aischa saying ‘Put your foot down!’ even when I wasn’t working with her that day!”

Dr. Wilson comments, “The injury and surgery were painful but Tracey was a fighter all the way through. She’s now able to wear a normal shoe and is back at work."

“While things were painful at first, they got better as time went on," Tracey remarks. "The staff at Arthritis & Sports was always willing to answer any questions or concerns I had, helping to alleviate a lot of my fears. While things were still sometimes painful they managed to make me feel good anyway. Medical Assistants, Anita and Jenny always had a friendly face when I came in. Diane, the Radiology Tech, would bring me a little fan to help cool me off while I was there. Everyone made this experience as enjoyable as it could have been and I’ll be honest, tended to enjoy going there (expect for having a broken foot!).”


Physical Therapists, Tatiana Valentine and Aischa Bautista comment on Tracey’s rehabilitation process, “We had an amazing time working with Tracey. Lots of tears at first, but she was very motivated and determined to get back into a normal life. Several months after rehab, she stopped by, and told us about her beach vacation, and how much she enjoyed being able to walk on the beach. So proud of her, and happy to be a part of her rehab process.”

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